Friday, September 29, 2017

NFL Week 4: Let's Remember Some Guys

So last Sunday I woke up to my buddy and fellow degenerate Matt Bentson informing me that he had a brain-fart and bet his whole online gambling bankroll on the Buffalo Bills +3.5 at home for the Denver Broncos. $972. Being the humanitarian that I am, I had to go over to his crib to be with him in his trying time/laugh in his fucking face. It was amazing. I showed up at halftime to him smoking a cigarette on his stoop in broad daylight with the Bills down 3. Cover town. Over the next hour and a half, he convinced himself he would lose 50 different ways. In reality it was actually a pretty straightforward win with our Bills winning by 10 and Von Miller giving Tyrod Taylor a down low-too slow and drawing a 15 yard penalty in the process. 

The Twins are in the playoffs for the first time since I was in high school. 2011 - 2016 was an extreme amount of ineptitude including some guys that could not have played for any other franchise. In light of our recent successes, we need to look back on our humble beginnings. Let's remember some guys.  

Green Bay -7 over Chicago

Andrew Albers

New Orleans -3 over Miami 

Rene Tosoni

Buffalo +8 over Atlanta 

Ben Revere 

Baltimore +3 over Pittsburgh 

Jason Kubel 2.0

Cincinnati -3 over Cleveland 

Josmil Pinto

St. Louis +6 over Dallas

Sam Deduno

Houston +2 over Tennessee 

Darin Mastroianni

Detroit +1.5 over Minnesota

Sam Fuld

Carolina +9 over New England 

Ryan Doumit

Jets +3 over Jacksonville 

Oswaldo Arcia

San Francisco +6.5 over Arizona 

Eduardo Nunez

Philly +1.5 over San Diego 

Cole DeVries

Tampa Bay -3 over Giants

Brian Dinkelman

Oakland +3 over Denver

Jason Bartlett 2.0

Seattle -13 over Indianapolis 

Blaine Boyer

Washington +7 over Chiefs

Danny Santana

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