Friday, April 11, 2014


North Dakota-1 Connor Gaarder (Dillon Simpson, Jordan Schmaltz)   11:23

In a word, I was petrified.  I know how this ends.  Of course, the game isn’t over.  But it may as well be.  Sports fatalism is unhealthy.  Yet it has become the norm.  Games are watched, seasons upon season wane away, waiting for the other shoe to inevitably drop.  It almost always does.  I was a child the last time it didn’t.  It feels as though it just did.  One ripple of the net signals the drop of the guillotine on the season, on the high hopes of raising one more gold banner.  The surrender of a lead that took over 50 minutes to show up surely is a bad sign.   Each tick of the clock, each dump of the puck feels like a march towards another season’s immediate end.  I remember saying I was swearing off sports.  This anxiety, over something which I have no control, is not logical.  Sports fatalism is an unhealthy thing.

Minnesota-2 Justin Holl (Kyle Rau, Brady Skjei)   GWG SHG19:59

The screen space upon which I am typing this has been empty, save for a blinking curser, for over 15 minutes.  I didn’t know what to do or think then.  I still don’t.  Equal parts disbelief, relief, exhilaration, joy.  A Hollywood executive would deposit this script swiftly in his waste paper basket upon reading the ending.  “19:59. Yeah, right.  He hadn’t scored since when?  Yeah, ok.  Yeah, well thanks.  We’ll let you know.”  This is what keeps me coming back.  Last night was the one ball you square up all weekend.  You can have 20 shitty at bats, but the one time you square one up and the ball jumps off that bat, that’s what you keep going back for.  19:59.

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