Monday, March 3, 2014

Fantasy #Dingers

Spring is in the air.  MLB Network has random games on all day every day, fantasy leagues are inching closer to their drafts, the whole nine. I can’t wait for my fantasy league this year—we’re starting a dynasty carryover league with 40 roster spots, complete with minor leaguers.  No one cares about anyone else’s leagues though.  I’m writing this blog because I have an idea for a league that I want to start with some readers, who will almost undoubtedly be my buddies.

It has everything anyone would ever want in a fantasy league.  Minimal effort, minimal roster moves, and most of all minimal thinking.

9 roster spots, no positions, 10 roster moves max throughout the year, set rosters once a week.  Most importantly: 1 (ONE) category:  #dingers.

Jackjobs, round-trippers, tators, bombs, piss rockets, longballs, Barry Bondses, souvenirs, dinks, blasts, dongs, laps, etc.  This is gonna be the tits.

I want to start a home run only fantasy league.  The draft would take like an hour tops, and managing the team would probably take like 20 minutes a month, tops.

Twelves teams, obviously I’m one owner.  11 more spots.  If you want in, tweet me @dose17, email me at, or if you actually know me in real life (so like 99% of the readership), just text me or something.  Let’s make this baby happen.


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