Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Twins Photo Day Captions

The Twins took a bunch of promotional photos the other day at Spring Training.  I captioned them.  Photos credit to Pioneer Press' Ben Garvin.

A member of Big N Rich makes a Spring Training appearance.

"Look how athletic I am!"

"I wonder if those Affliction tees I ordered on Amazon came in today."

Paul Molitor looks on as his daughter plays JV basketball

"I haven't been released yet?  LOL."-Doug Bernier

Wilkin Ramirez: "*sighs* I better start hitting or I'm fucked."

"Goddamn it my knees hurt."-Josh Willingham

Terry Steinbach is confounded after hearing the explanation for BABIP.

Ron Gardenhire looks on as Trevor Plouffe lets another ball through the wickets.

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